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About The GAAP Resource Center

The GAAP Resource Center Project completed successfully finally after a lot of ‘hard grafting’. With the GAAP teams visit in 2016 following the completion of infrastructure work, the team deployed the Computer laboratory.


The Computer laboratory – This was set up and included laptops, printers, scanners and numerous writing materials.

Power – The GAAP team decided to allow for the continuous supply of electricity by investing in an independent power supply. This independent power supply meant that there was no unexpected power outage that will affect the Gaap Education Centre hence causing any form of damage.

The GAAP Resource Center will offer Computing, Library, Arts and Crafts and Play Facilities to orphans and abandoned children aged 9 to 16. Complete with Internet enabled laptops, printers and scanners the center has become a vital focal point for all GAAP operations The Center is now open and in full swing!.


Stage 1: Security (Jan – late Feb 2014)

External building modifications are required to create a safe and effective environment for the children we support.

Works started January 2014 with the demolition of an insecure low wall and building of new, higher security wall with an external guarded security station. The resource centre will also be painted to give it a fresh appeal to its users. We expect stage 1 to complete by late February.

Planned overview
Stage 2 will tackle the interior design, Stage 3 will look at the staffing requirements and liaisons with the homes we support, and Stage 4, will concentrate upon The Grand Opening. Details on each new stage will be provided as we enter that phase.


Exterior before

Exterior during


The GAAP Resource Center, Lagos Nigeria prior to Stage 1 works detailed above

Phase 1: Works in progress

Phase 1 Completed Feb 2014: Exterior after

GAAP Refurbishment

GAAP Refurbishment

The GAAP Resource Center, Lagos Nigeria had works completed to the exterior during the 3rd week of February, and we are so grateful to everyone who donated to make this happen.


Phase 2: The Interior (April – May 2014)

As it stands, the interior is dated and needs a complete redesign to convert it into a beautiful and welcoming child friendly space that the children we support will love and be eager to return to. Works will begin imminently and we expect to complete by mid-March 2014.

Images and updates will be posted over the next few days.

Architects drawing

Proposed Plans


Funding Requirements

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